Denver International Airport.
Reimagining airport security.

Denver International Airport CEO Kim Day, partnering with TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger, sought to reimagine the nation’s approach to airport security. We were honored to be invited to design and lead this historic innovation program.

How we helped:

Summit Design
Strategic Facilitation

Mission critical ideation.

As part of the program, we designed and led the first-ever Airport Security Innovation Summit. This custom think tank convened over 130 leading experts in information technology, security, defense, aviation technology, and government. The program challenged the leaders to break free of traditional silos and reimagine airport security and the traveler experience in the years ahead.

New strategies, headed for liftoff.

The program has produced hundreds of concepts across categories including threat identification, big data innovation and reimagining the traveler experience. Today, a set of breakthrough ideas has moved into prototyping and testing at the Denver International Airport. The resulting fully-vetted innovations have served as a model for airport security innovation nationwide.

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