A.Y. McDonald.
Infrastructure innovation.

Founded in 1856, A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co. is a leading manufacturer of brass fixtures, high-pressure valves, pumps and meter bars; critical infrastructure that serves millions of homes nationwide. Their leadership hired us to spearhead innovation strategy engagements across their three largest divisions. In each case, their challenge was simple: How can we deliver greater innovation and value for our customers?

How we helped:

Market Research
Strategic Facilitation
Summit Design
Concept Development
Concept Testing
Innovation Training

“Our work with Phillips & Co. has been transformational–they’ve helped us make progress in months that would have otherwise taken years. And, they’re fun to work with!”

Scott Knapp
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co.

Accelerating innovation across three industry divisions.

We launched our work with A.Y. by conducting extensive research with their executives, customers and distributors, identifying high-potential White Spaces for exploration. From this foundational work, we led a series of multi-day Customer Innovation Summits: hands-on creative think tanks where employees, customers and end users brainstormed and refined hundreds of potential new innovations. We then worked closely with the company to market test the leading ideas–many of which have now led to successful market launches.

Strengthening an incredible innovation team through training.

We provided a customized version of our Innovation Strategy Seminar, coupled with ongoing executive level support to help A.Y. add Full Spectrum Innovation practices in their work, from market research methods to new ways to approach market validation and testing.

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