Matt Phillips
Innovation Keynotes

Matt Phillips is a top-rated innovation keynote speaker, delivering high-energy talks and workshops that blend real-world innovation case studies, story telling, actionable takeaways and a solid slice of humor.

“Every two years we look for the world’s leading experts on innovation. We’ve now brought Matt to Helsinki four times to deliver keynotes and workshops. His mix of expertise and entertainment is unbeatable.”

Ari Björkqvist
Program Director, Haaga-Helia University
Helsinki, Finland


The Lean Innovation Deep Dive

In the LEAN INNOVATION DEEP DIVE, Matt takes the audience through a set of unorthodox strategies and ways of thinking that companies have used to drive growth and transform their teams, brands and organizations. Using wide ranging real world examples, from high tech titans to low-tech startups, Matt shows how any organization can accelerate change through a clear process and a set of “lean innovation” techniques and focus on getting maximum impact from the fewer steps. The keynote is constantly refreshed with new examples and is designed to be interactive, giving your audience the chance to put its powerful ideas into action immediately.


The Seven Secrets of Successful Innovation Teams

Why do some innovation teams succeed, where others fail or seem to just fade away? In over a decade of advising the world’s most innovative companies, Matt has worked with hundreds of innovation teams, from mid-sized organizations to Fortune 500 corporations. In this action-packed talk, Matt shares the seven traits and practices that propel breakthrough teams. Each secret is backed by real-world stories and paired with engaging, interactive audience challenges.

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