Innovation Training Courses
& Keynotes

Bring experiential, expert innovation training courses to your team. Learn the exact processes, tools and mindsets used by top corporate innovation teams and leading startups.

Building innovation capabilities in-person, or online via Zoom or Teams.

The Lean Innovation Masterclass 

Learn our entire five-phase Lean Innovation methodology. The methodology unites the best aspects of phase-gate, design thinking and lean startup into a single, highly flexible process that will help you make innovation happen faster and with fewer resources.

Through instruction, hands-on experiences and detailed case studies from our work and leading global brands, we share the exact processes, techniques and tools you can use to invent new products and re-imagine businesses. We’ll take your team from the critical moments of an innovation project through market research, ideation, rapid prototyping and how to pilot new offerings. We include ample time for Q&A, so we can talk about how to apply each of the ideas in your organization.

Finally, we explore the mindsets of successful startups and corporate innovation teams, and how they persevere in the face of the inevitable challenges on the way to success. 

Designed for: In-house teams 
Length: Full day or 1 1/2 day(s)

The Ideation Facilitator Masterclass

In this intensive, hands-on masterclass, you’ll learn the art and science of designing and leading powerful ideation / brainstorming sessions to solve for real-world business challenges.

We mix theory, techniques, process and facilitation practice to give your team the skills you’ll need to be stronger strategic and creative leaders in your organization.

You’ll learn:

– How to design sessions for different types of challenges

– What to do before, during and after sessions

– How to select session participants

– How to infuse the voice of the customer into the session

– How and when to bring outside experts into your session

– A dozen professional ideation techniques

– How to facilitate to maintain group focus and energy

– How to handle tough participants

– Proven icebreakers, energizers

– Methods to prioritize and refine top ideas

– How to package session ideas so they continue to grow post-session

– How to conduct ideation sessions over Zoom and Teams

Designed for: All levels
Length: Full day or half-day mini course

Matt Phillips Innovation Keynotes

Our founder, Matt Phillips, delivers high-energy keynotes revealing the simple but powerful innovation strategies used by the world’s top startups and innovators.

Matt taps into a 20+ year innovation career (as well as extensive improv training) to deliver talks that are packed with actionable takeaways–while keeping the audience engaged and entertained. Matt’s keynotes can be customized to include hands-on innovation workshop experiences and industry-specific content.

Learn more about Matt’s innovation keynotes.

Designed for: Corporate & conference audiences
Length: 30-90 minutes

“Thank you! The feedback from the team after the training session was fantastic. We came away energized and confident that we have a set of new skills that will further strengthen our group.”

Mari Balestrazzi
Vice President, Americas Design Services, Hyatt

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