More than ever before,
it’s time to innovate.

Phillips & Co. helps clients invent new products, services and entire businesses, through a unique lean approach to innovation.


Use cutting-edge innovation methods to tackle your most important product, brand and growth challenges, partnering with our team of strategists, researchers and designers. 



Run world-class ideation sessions, strategic planning retreats or large-scale innovation summits with our expert facilitation and strategy team.


Innovation Training & Keynotes

Learn the exact innovation methodologies and ideation facilitation methods we use with Fortune 500 clients, tailored to your team’s specific needs.


Individual Services

For clients with specific needs, we offer à la carte services to support their innovation efforts.


  • Strategy Sessions
  • Innovation Summits
  • Innovation Training
  • Innovation Keynotes


  • Ethnography
  • Focus Groups
  • Inspiration Tours
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Trends Analysis
  • Persona Design


  • Ideation Sessions
  • Co-Creation Labs
  • Experience Design
  • Brand Strategy

Market Fit

  • MVP Design
  • Concept Creation
  • Consumer & Customer Testing
  • Business Case Development
  • Executive Presentations

Piloting & Launch

  • Pilot Planning Workshops
  • Pilot Program Design
  • Team Onboarding
  • Launch Partner Selection

How can we help your team?