What we do.

Lean Innovation Projects

We help clients solve their toughest growth challenges through multi-phase Lean Innovation Strategy engagements. We methodically blend insight development, emerging trends, ideation and market validation to craft bold new innovation strategies, business models, products, services and brands. Our typical Lean Innovation Projects are 2-4 months in length.

Ideation Sessions

Our high-energy ideation sessions fuse bold creativity and rigorous strategy to help clients invent actionable, breakthrough pipelines of new innovations. We’re the only firm that’s reimagined ideation itself offering access to our Expert Ideator Network and Innovation DNA Database, elevating ideation to a new level. 

Strategy Facilitation

Phillips & Co. designs and facilitates leadership-level strategy workshops and that fully leverage–and push–the expertise of your team. Our sessions are not your typical offsite–they’re carefully crafted, high-energy experiences that are strategic inflection points for your organization. Use cutting-edge strategic frameworks and a crystal clear process, we help your team produce actionable post-session roadmaps. 

Innovation Training

Each of our innovation training courses are client-tested, information packed, hands-on experiences designed to strengthen your team’s innovation capability. You’ll learn from our seasoned innovation pros through programs including The Lean Innovation Master Class, The Brainstorming Leader Master Class and The Innovation 101 Experience.

Innovation Keynotes

Our founder, Matt Phillips, delivers a powerful blend of innovation strategies and real-world case studies in his top-rated keynotes. His background as a seasoned innovation strategist to Fortune 500 clients, mixed advanced training in improv produce an experience that’s fascinating, engaging and filled with key takeaways.