Strategic Facilitation

From a single ideation session to a multi-day strategic planning summit, our strategy and ideation facilitators help teams unlock their full breakthrough potential.

Ideation Sessions

Our high-energy ideation sessions are strategically designed to produce pipelines of actionable new product, service and business concepts.

Phillips & Co. has reimagined the ideation process itself, blending tools of business strategy with breakthrough thinking models to imagine innovative new offerings, each backed by strategic insight.

In Phillips & Co. ideation sessions, we leverage proprietary tools including our Expert Ideator Network (hundreds of incredible, vetted thinkers we pull into our sessions) and our Innovation Methods Database (the result of our ten-year research project to decode the DNA of winning new ideas.)


Strategic Planning Sessions

Re-imagine your organization’s strategic plans–and then define the specific actions that will put them into motion.

We strategically design and lead planning sessions for leadership teams who want to push their thinking beyond the status quo.

Together, we’ll look at your challenge in new ways, infuse fresh thinking from other industries, craft breakthrough innovation strategies and define a clear action plan to propel the strategy forward.

Your session will be a custom-designed, immersive experience that challenges your team to break new ground and create powerful new paths to growth and change for your organization.

Mastermind Facilitation

Unlock the insights and expertise of your VIP attendees through a professionally facilitated mastermind summit.

Re-think the typical meeting or offsite. Our custom mastermind sessions flip events from a focus on watching a single speaker on stage to becoming interactive, immersive experiences where attendees engage and learn from one another.

Through professional facilitation, we take attendees into key topics of deep interest to them and your organization. We open up conversations that won’t happen any other way, unearthing their deepest insights, surfacing career-changing advice and getting to the bottom of critical lessons learned.

Conference & Event Facilitation

Let’s unleash the expertise of the audience at your next event. We design large-scale facilitated experiences that makes the audience into the stars of the show, launching hundreds of new relationships.

Our Conference & Event Facilitation programs are designed to engage the entire audience, unlocking the expertise and passion of all attendees. Participants work in tables and breakouts to dive into their own interests and expertise, learning from and helping other attendees.

Each program is customized to unleash breakthrough discussion between attendees, build new connections (in ways that can’t happen at cocktail hours), and leave an unforgettable impression of your event.

Strategic Faciliation Case Studies

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